Rottweiler Breeders in Tennessee
Rottweiler Breeders in Nashville, Tennessee   
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Rottweiler Puppies in Tennessee

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Welcome to von der Musikstadt German Rottweiler kennel.                                      

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Rottweiler puppies available

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Rottweiler puppies available

Busa wins IABCA INT. Champion 01-19-2014

Busa wins UKC Champion + BOB 02-14-2014 

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Deuel wins VP3 in 9-12 Puppy Class


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Rottweiler Breeders in Tennessee

Our Rottweiler kennel is located in central Tennessee, a small town called Whites Creek, near Nashville, Tennessee. Our home and Rottweiler kennels are on 3 acres of land, surrounded by woods. Located on the back of our property, we have a lake. The air in the summer flows up the valley into our kennels, giving our Rottweilers a breeze to keep them cool.

I owned my first Rottweiler puppy in 1992, and bred my first Rottweiler litter in the year 2000. Our Rottweiler was a pet at first, and my parents were terrified about me bringing home a Rottweiler at the age of 17. My parents forced me to find my poor girl Maxie a home but I refused and hidden her at my friends house. I drove every day 45 minuits twice a day to feed, play, and groom her in secret. My mother finally asked me why I was leaving home for school so early and getting home so late. I told her to feed my dog, my mother replied bring the darn dog home. My mother did some research and found out by my neighbor, who was a breeder and AKC handler of a different breed, said the Rottweiler was the best family dog. My parents fell in love with my first Rottweiler and I have been in the breed since. We now regularly compete in conformation shows such as the RKNA, AIRK, USRC, NIRK, and ARV.

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We are a code of ethics German Rottweiler breeder who stand by our health guarantees. We strive to follow the FCI standard exactly as is done by the ADRK in Germany, INCLUDING WE DO NOT DOCK TAILS ANY LONGER. All our Rottweiler dogs owned by Von Der Musikstadt have certified hips by OFA over 2 years old or certifies the hips with ADRK at 16 months old. Our Rottweiler dogs have all of the tests offered by OFA for our breed type. See our testimonial page to view satisfied responses from our buyers; we also have several references from other buyers whom you may contact before you buy a Rottweiler puppy. Most of my buyers have seen my kennels and personally pet my dogs.

Deuel Eulogeo vom hause Harless (PICTURE RIGHT) is our Rottweiler stud male for our breeding program. He is everything we wanted in a males genes to have strong prey and ball drive for schutzhund, focus for conformation, bone and substance, alert protective instincts, loving temperament, forward confidence, gorgeous coat, and excellent conformation. Deuels Passed HD hips Frei and elbows ED +. Our Rottweiler stud just recieved his IABCA International Champion and is working twords his IABCA world champion. Deuel parents are also from world famous Champions.

The sire is Champion / Auslandsieger '10 Lenz von den hassberghöhen, an exceptional example of the Rottweiler breed. Lenz is a very, confident, and bold Rottweiler with intimidating looks.

The dam is Anw. Dt.CH. (VDH) Auslandjugendsiegerin "11
Bontia vom Wilden Westen, a large beautiful female with a heart of gold that will please you every step she takes. Bonita is a pink papered ADRK Rottweiler from the famous "vom Wilden Westen" Kennel in Germany.

Rottweiler puppy in Tennessee

Rottweiler female in tennessee
Busa vom hause Harless (PICTURE LEFT), our youth Rottweiler female, has already received her VP1 Rating as a Rottweiler puppy and V2 Rating as a youth. Busa received a V2 and the RKNA Klub show in Nashville, Tennessee by judge Gerard O'Shea, a respectable and world known FCI judge. Busa competed against 10 dogs in her class.

Busa’s parents are sire Auslandjugendsieger Ch.Rottweiler puppy in Tennessee Tito Earl Antonius X dam Auslandsiegerin Ch. Bonita vom Wilden Western. Both parents are German & European bred dogs, with exceptional bone, structure, markings, pigment, and great temperaments. Our Rottweiler female Busa will be one of our foundation kennel building females for future puppies here in USA.

Rosann Bentley
Rottweiler Breeder & Dog Handler
5465 Clarksville Pike, Whites Creek, Tennessee 37189
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