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Rottweiler Breeders in Tennessee

Balou von den Grundwiesen - Show Gallery


German Rottweiler male in Tennessee - Rottweiler photographs

This page is photographs of Balou von den Grundwiesen competeing in Germany style shows. Rottweiler females and Rottweiler males of all ages can compete for championships here in USA. Rottweiler for these shows must express a lot of drive and focus in the ring for a bait toy (ball). The Rottweilers must naturally stack to show the structure of the dog. We have competed in the RKNA, AIRK, USRC, ARV, and ARV here in USA.

Check our Balous' Gallery page and Youtube Video Page.

Balou Rottweiler male at RKNA show

Rottweiler show judge nashville RKNA
Balou Rottweiler Puppy RKNA show ring
Balou V2 Sieger show Jacksonville North Carolina