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Rottweiler Breeders in Tennessee

Rottweilers for sale from Serbia & other European countries


If you want puppies here in USA visit 2019 breeding page.

Rottweiler adults, Rottweiler youths, and any Rottweilers for sale from Europe. These Rottweilers could heve bloodlines from Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Italy, and more.

Shipping Prices change when you factor in age and weight of the dog.

The average shipping cost from Europe is 1690.00$ to ship the puppy here to the United States.

The average customes fees $180.00 - 250.00 USD

Imports born in Europe average $2000.00 Euros (all euro exchange fees and bank fees) (single puppy)

Deposits are Nonrefundable - Contract HERE.

Puppies Due May 13, 2019

Deposit $250.00

Total $2500.00

Roberto Malone od Zada Rottweiler male

Roberto Malone od Zada

JR 78984 RW

Multi V1

HD frei  ED frei

Assy Real Edge

JR 79740 RW

V Rated

HD B  ED 0


1st Pick - Arizona

2nd Pick - Available

3rd Pick - Available

4th Pick - Available


1st Pick - Available

2nd Pick - Available

3rd Pick - Available

4th Pick - Available

rottweiler female

The average price for a direct import Rottweiler puppy born in USA is $2500

$3600 USD to import a puppy is average. prices can change depending on breeder in europe and flight fees