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Even the best reputable Rottweiler breeders get cases of coccidia. Adult dogs carry the one-celled organisms in the intestinal tract. A adult dog's immune system develop's a natural immunity to the effects of coccidia, but the dog can shed the cyst in the feces.

Puppies are not born with coccidia. Coccidia starts in puppies at 2 weeks of age or older, but it most commonly seen at the age of 4 - 12 weeks. It takes 13 days for the puppies to become ill.

Puppies usually get coccidia from the mother. If a small amount of feces remains on the mother or nipples, then a puppy can crawl or sucand injest a small amount to get coccidia. Once the 1 puppy has the coccidia it spreads quickly through the litter.

Another way coccidia is transmitted is on the ground. Other dogs and animals carry the cyst. When breeders let the litter outside to pee and poop, the puppies can get coccidia from the ground such as; soil, grass, weeds, and rocks. Puppies like to eat, lick and chew on fresh grass.

common symptom of coccidia;

  • diarreah

Worse symptom of coccidia

  • blood and mucous in stools
  • vomit
  • lose thier appetite
  • dehydrated
  • death

Bring your dog to a veterinarian if your puppy has diareah immediatly.