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Rottweilers Canine Teeth


Pictures were taken by Rosann Bentley. Pictures are copyright. DO NOT USE OR MODIFY without permission.

Skull pictures were offered to use as display

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Incisors are the front teeth
(numbered I1 - I3), they are
located inbetween the Canine
teeth. Adults and puppies have
six upper and six lower in a row
used for nibbling and cutting food.
The I1 incisors are smaller in size
and gradually get larger as the teeth
go outward tword the canine teeth.


Canine teeth are used to hold and tear
food. The teeth marked with a (C) are
the large fangs located between the
incisors and premolars. the lower
canine lock in position to the upper
canine. there are 4 canine teeth, two
lower and two upper.

Premolars are behind the canines and before the molars.
Premolars are numbered (P1 - P4)
Premolars are used for holding and cutting food.

Adults have
8 lower premolars and 8 upper premolars. Puppies do not
have all there premolars. Puppies teeth start falling out between
3 to 4 months of age.

Molars are behind the the premolars. They are numbered ( M1 - M2). In the picture you cannot see the M2 molar, but more pictures will be taken soon. Molars are used for grinding food. Adults have 6 lower molars and 4 upper molars. Puppies do not have molars.

rottweiler teeth