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Rottweiler care for Rottweiler Adults and Rottweiler Puppies


How to take care of a Rottweiler


Our Rottweilers diet

I feed them first thing in the morning; a raw diet mixture I prepair to last a week. I start feeding them at 5 to 6 weeks of age in thier whelping box. The raw diet is mashed up chicken necks, beef steak, livers, gizzards, and green tripe. At eight weeks of age, they eat outside, unless it rains, that gives them a chance to immediately use the bathroom.

At eight weeks of age, they each eat 1 lb raw chicken or Deer meat, beef, livers, gizzards, hearts, and green tripe; this 1 lb is divided into three meals: first thing in the morning, at lunch time, and after dinner time. As they grow, you will feed them more. Dry dog kibble (store food) is fed differently, be careful not to overfeed a growing German Rottweiler puppy; many experts think that overfeeding causes too rapid growth which creates hip/elbow problems even in a young German Rottweiler dog who is not genetically predisposed to it. Follow the guidelines on the chart on the back of the bag for the daily amount to feed, as your German Rottweiler puppy grows.

Exercise and bathroom break

A young Rottweiler puppy needs excercise. There is some limitations. Do not let you Rottweiler puppy climb or go down stairs. The hard bounce on each step bangs the hip joints in the sockets. Do not let the puppy jump off furnature. This affects the front legs and joints more than the rear. This can cause elbow problems. Always carry your puppy outside at a very young age. When the puppy is about 4 months old walk your dog outside. Do not just let your Rottweiler bolt out of the house and jump off your deck.

When the weather permits, starting at 6 weeks of age, our Rottweiler puppies go outside in a 10 x 10 kennel, for an hour after eating, to be sure that they have had a chance to pee/poo after their latest eating, drinking.

When the puppies are 7 weeks old the puppies go potty on the grass. ( 1 week after the shots). The grass stimulates them to poop and pee; then, praising them, and I give them a treat to show It is good to use the bathroom outside on the grass.

Chewing and Teething

As your German Rottweiler puppy's teeth develop he will be starting to want to chew on everything. I substitute bad with good. I give them large rubber Kongs filled with peanut butter. I alway have one ready. When your Rottweiler puppy chews on furnature, do not yell at your puppy, just replace the item with the good tasting kong toy. I also suggest hard rubber dental chew toys to satisfy their need to chew, both in their large kennel, and at play time. Dirty toys and nylabones are cleaned in bleach water.

I would never give a puppy anything made of rawhide, which can swell after the puppy ingests it and cause a problem. Rottweilers have a deep chest. If the rawhide swells it can cause bloat. Bloat will kill your dog.

Your German Rottweiler's nails:

I start to do each puppy's nails around 3 weeks of age. At this age, the puppy has no fear, and quite accepts everything new. Several reasons we start early is because the sharp nails do not dig into mother's nipples and cause her to want to avoid nursing the puppies, and getting use to doing thier nails.

The stress can cause loose stools:

Car rides, a new home can stress out a puppy. Loose stools may likely be a result of all the stresses. Loose stools can last a week or two. Pumpkin or Plain Yogurt can harden the stools.

If the Rottweiler puppy ever gets really watery poo, take him to a vet as soon as possible. If the watery poo is mixed with blood, you have a medical emergency. Take him to the vet immediately.

Wormer and Vaccination details

Please call your vet to check your states requirements. Each state is different, and each county superseeds the state. Von der Musikstadt Kennel resides in Tennessee.

Vaccination: Canine Spectra 5 is given on ­­at 6 weeks, to protect against Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parovirus Type 2b.

Another Spectra 5 way shot should be given at 9 weeks old at your vet.

Rottweiler puppy care

Your German Rottweiler puppy is due for two more vaccinations at 2 - 4 week intervals after the first vaccine. (2nd vaccine due at 8 weeks of age. Vaccinate at Vet for Rabies at 12 weeks of age. The last shot is a booster at 16 weeks old. This is very important because Rottweilers have a poor immune system. Save the plastic bag with the empty vials and show your vet. In case of a recall of any vaccine, it is helpful for him to know the Lot number of the vaccine that your German Rottweiler puppy was given. Your vet may want to know what shots were given so they don't over vaccinate.

Wormer: We use pyrantel pamoate. See inside your booklet that you will get with your puppy for details of wormer used. Puppies are wormed at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks old. Ideally worm every 13 days, (speak to vet).

Heartworm medicine for puppies is only available at the vet. They will give it as early as 9 weeks (some vets start it later), usually monthly after that. I give my dogs Ivermectum 1 time a month. Ivermectum kills heart worm, and all worms (except tape worm). Tapeworm is not really a worm or in the worm family. It comes from either rodents, bird poop, or injesting flea eggs. CONTACT YOUR VET ABOUT USING IVERMECTUM.

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