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Puppies with Umbilical Wound

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How to take care of a belly wound

How it starts

  • Mothers licking the puppies bellies too much
  • Urine burns the belly starting wounds
  • Bacteria on the ground and getting into the umbilical cord

This is a german shepherd puppy about 18 days old

Umbilical hernia wound

Day 1 - Step 1

This type of wound is sometimes hard to see because it it forms a cap over the wound. The wound is actually under the skin cap. The belly appear normal except you can see a bulge starting and it will become harder.

Wash the puppy and remove the cap on the wound. YOU MUST remove the skin cap.

Shave all around the wound

Ceragyn dog wound cleaner

Day 1 - Step 2

Apply Ceragyn wound cleaner. 1 or 2 squirts

Neosporin Mupirocin ointment

Day 1 - Step 3

Apply Mupirocin Ointment. This is recomended over using Neosporin.

Non stick wound pad

Day 1 - Step 4

Non-stick pad

Sports wrap

Day 1 - Step 5

Sports Wrap over the Non-stick pads. and use medical tape to holding the wrap to the fur. If you dont to this the wrap will work its way down the puppies legs.

Bandage the wound

Day 1 - Step 6

Buy a childs white tube sock. cut to length enough to cover the sports wrap, but not too long so the puppy can pee and walk. Cut arm hold for the front legs. pull down the tub sock over the sports wrap

NOTE: put the tu sock on the puppy and roll it up to the chest before putting on the medical bandage and the sports wrap. The puppy squirms 

canine belly wound

Day 3

Puppy belly wound

Day 4

umbibical wound

Day 7

umbilical wound

Day 10