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Rottweiler Breeders in Tennessee

Balou von den Grundwiesen Show Results


Rottweiler Male



11 - 12 2012

Southeastern Atlantic Rottweiler Klub

2012 SARK Sieger show

VP 1

4 - 6 MONTH

Cathy Thompson



17 - 18 2012

Eastern Carolina Rottweiler Klub

ECRK Sieger show

VP 2 4 - 6 MONTH

Fernando Lucas Martins

FCI Portugal


30 - Apr. 1, 2012

RKNA - Rottweiler Klub of North America

NRK breed show and ZtP - Hendersonville Tennessee

VP 3 4 - 6 MONTH

Helmut Weiler



14 - 16 2012

ARV South East Regional Sieger Show (SMWRK)

Cove Lake State Park, Caryville, Tennessee

VP 2 9 - 12 MONTH

Srdjan Knezevic

FCI, Serbia


14 - 16 2012

Northern KY Rottweiler Verein

Cove Lake State Park, Caryville, Tennessee

VP 1 9 - 12 MONTH

Mick Svaljeck

FCI, Australia


5,6,7 2012

Mid-Atlantic Rottweiler Klub (MARK)

Mooresville, NC

V3 12-18 MONTH

Nebojsa Savicic

FCI Serbia


27, 2013

RKNA Greater Detroit Rottweiler Klub

Romeo, MI

SG2 12-18 MONTH

Paul-Dieter Viehoff


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CRITIQUE: Judge: Mick Svaljeck, FCI Australia, September 16, 2012. 11 and a half months old, medium to large, very good breed type, sufficient bone for size, very good substance, very good height to length ratio, excellent expression, ears need to be closer to cheek, excellent gum and mouth pigment, excellent chest proportions, pronounced fore chest, excellent stop, strong underjaw, very good topline, correct croup, correct set and carried tail, very good underline, very good bottom line, very good front and rear angulations, excellent coat condition, medium to rich tan markings, well set and clearly defined throughout, energetic unrestricted movement, rolling topline, slightly soft in back, excellent breed type.

CRITIQUE: Judge: Fernando Lucas Martins, March 17, 2012. 5 months, correct and complete scissor bite, medium to large size, very good head, correct ears, very good stop, dark eyes, dark mouth pigment, correct front, good substance, correct rear, very good topline, very good angles in front and rear, correct coat, and markings well defined. Very good color, very good temperment in ring, movement correct, topline is firm but croup is high.

CRITIQUE: Judge: Helmut Weiler, March 31 - April 1, 2012. Correctly built, medium bones, strong head, medium sized ears, very good stop and cheek bones, brown eyes, strong muzzel, mouth pigment is dark pink, strong neck, correct chest proportions, very good angulation, straight back, correct croup, tail correct carried, correck markings, very good coat, free and far reaching gait.