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Testimonial 51  NEW

Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 00:26:17 +0000

By far one of the nicest kennels we have been to. The dogs were amazing and well cared for. All the dogs were friendly and beautiful. Rosie was extremely helpful and knowledgable. She was very patient with us and all our questions. We highly recommend!

G Leon

Testimonial 50

Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2017 16:12:51 -0900

Hi Rosann,

This is Bambi Ruff, today is my baby girls first birthday.  We adopted her in January of 2016 and she's been a blessing ever since.  I still remember the day we got her, I was really impressed with the ranch and all the beautiful Rottweilers.  Thank you for being so patient with us, I know we kind of dropped on your doorstep.  She did so well on the ride home from Tennessee to Kansas, I was so proud of her.  It's been a year later and I still recommend you whenever we get compliments on our Rottie.  She's energetic and intelligent, and definitely one of the best dogs I have ever owned.  I was so excited to see how big she was going to get.  She's now over 80 lbs and still growing.  Me and my husband still tell friends how big Ajax was and how her momma Baracuda was such a sweet heart.  I have wanted a Rottweiler for the better part of 10 years and I am very pleased with the quality of breeding. She's a healthy, happy girl and I just want to thank you for this beautiful Rottie.  She's amazing.

The Ruff Family

Testimonial 49

Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2017 18:04:37 -0700

Hi Rosann,

We want to thank you so much for our female, Frieda Von Musikstadt (pictured here at 7 months), off your Ajax x Baracuda breeding. We are so in love with her. Talk about a puppy with ball drive, she is crazy about a ball. Frieda has a sweet, loving nature. We are so impressed with her that we will be purchasing another puppy from you in the very near future. We would recommend you to anyone.

Thank you.
Shannon & Ann Marie Walker
rottweiler male puppy

Testimonial 48

Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2017 05:15:01 -0000

I acquired my first Rottweiler many years ago, a friend from work had one and after seeing how I got along with him when a Rottweiler showed up at his house injured he called me and I took him home and was immediately hooked. Fast forward, about 15 years, and another Rottie, I got lonesome for another one. While surfing the Web I came across a website for a lady named Rosann, who, as fate would have it, lived on the same highway I was living on at the time. It was a Sunday, but I called her anyway and much to my surprise she answered, lol! She was hosing down her kennels at the time and told me to come on over anytime to let me look at her puppies and adult dogs and asked me a LOT of questions about my life, work and what not, one thing led to another and I wound up purchasing a beautiful little female I named Ursula. Now don't get me wrong, I love to play with dogs. I never met one I didn't think I could pet, and or make friends with. My father is not that way, lol! He is now Ursula's biggest buddy (next to me). This past Monday I had the floor replaced in my living room, 4 strange men with saws, hammers and who knows what else and she never made a peep. That same day another stranger came by to hook up my Direct TV, he called me at work to let me know he was done, I asked him if Ursula was behaving herself and she was so well-behaved he didn't even know she was in the room. Needless to say he wants to buy a puppy from me when she has her first litter. Here's the thing, she hasn't had a single obedience class, nothing. She came like that, she gets in her crate without being told, she almost never barks unless someone walks up to the house, at which time she cuts loose, which is what you want. She made friends with my brothers horses, I've never seen a friendlier dog, much less owned one. If you are thinking about purchasing one of these majestic animals I would highly recommend you buy it from Mrs Rosie, she's an encyclopedia of knowledge on the breed and has always been there for any questions I have. She even found me a gorgeous male to start my own kennel, if you think you're ready, talk to Rosie, ask questions, plan on spending a LOT of time with you're puppy and get ready for the best time of you're life.

Good luck and God bless, Reggie Nicholson                                  Ursula at 8 months---------->
rottweiler male puppy

Testimonial 47

Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2017 18:08:09 -0200

Rosann's Rottweilers are unparalleled. I purchased my puppy "Zack" from her in January. I can honestly say you get what you pay for! He was worth every penny! He is well mannered and folks are always surprised how sweet he is despite his intimidating size. People tell me all the time it is the most beautiful Rottweiler they've ever seen; and I would have to agree with them! I LOVE this dog dearly; and if you purchase a Rottweiler from Rosann I guarantee you will feel the same way I do about it. She has provided the answers I needed numerous times with all sorts of questions I've had about his diet, vaccinations and all sorts of things; shes even helped me secure some raw foods that are difficult to find in bulk for him.
She really cares about her animals and goes the extra mile to make sure that her clients are happy customers. Rosann at Von Der MusikStadt Rottweilers is the only breeder in Tennessee I would buy a Rottweiler from!
-JJ Lawhorn
Country Music Singer                                               Nicky X Deuel    Zach at 8 months---------->
rottweiler male puppy

Testimonial 46

Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2016 10:02:06 -0400

 YOU are absolutely amazing and my family loves you for all of the hard work you put into your sweet babies. Finding you was an absolute blessing for me. I know others will read this so I will explain. I lost my sweet Rottie a little over 2 years ago
he was my baby and I was devastated when he died. My husband wanted me to think about getting another one a year later because we were empty I declined. He found Rosann online a year later and took me to visit her and her BEAUTIFUL Rotties one cuddle session from Deuel and it was over and it was time. Rosann let my family come to her home and kennel numerous times to visit Deuel and Nicky and to teach us to do what she does with her Rotties. The raw meat diet is a must it is time consuming but worth every minute of it. My sweet baby was born on May,22 2016(my birthday) so it was meant to be. We went to see the puppies a few times before we picked ours. They were all beautiful and very happy and the kennel was spotless every time we went to visit. We chose a male and he is amazing and our vet agrees. Rosann does this thing with wood chips to teach the puppies not to pee or poop in their home IT WORKS we have had only 3 accidents inside since we brought Thor home. He very well tempered, he comes to work with me every day and socializes with about 20 men every morning. The raw meat diet... I can't say enough great things about it. At 3.5 months he weighs 35 pounds and our vet says he is the most beautiful Rottie they have had as a patient. Rosann you are a true angel and my family loves you for everything you have done and still do to help us with Thor.

Scott & Kristy K                                                        Nicky X Deuel --------------------->
rottweiler male puppy

Testimonial 45

Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2016 21:36:28 +0000

While serving active duty in USAF, I was introduced to the Rottweiler breed. An Air Combat Controller asked me if I would consider adopting his working dog. Little did I know, the bond my rottweiler and I shared would be one of the greatest in my lifetime. 12 years later, I found myself needing a working dog with potential to become a service dog. Through correspondence, I connected with Roseann Bentley. Within days, she networked among other reputable breeders. Operating her Rottweiler kennel with a dedication to ethical breeding, she provided me the opportunity to aquire a male with a perfectly balanced temperament and disposition. She's been supportive throughout veternary medical suggestions, dietary plans breed specific, and offers several links of resources on her Website. I couldn't be happier! Our pup has far surpassed my expectations with such a great learning drive. At 10 weeks, he was well mannered and took to crate training and housebreaking immediately. At 15 weeks, he walks loose leash, sits, down- stay on command with a buckle collar.
He's such a sweet boy, our pup has become the neighborhood sweetheart. Myself, and my family, are greatful for the dedication Roseann had taken in thoughtfully placing this pup with us. We have bonded so well and are looking forward to having him as our lifelong companion.

Cheryl H. Tennessee
rottweiler male puppy

Testimonial 44

Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2016 14:55:21 +0000

We have had five Rotties in our marriage and within this year, lost a 8 and 14 year old. We would never consider another breed, so we did a lot of research to find a good breeder.

Our family is not interested in showing, but wanted a quality pet that had good genes and temperament. Rosann comes highly recommended in the Rottweiler community, nationwide. The only thing we found different is that she did not dock the tails. After contacting her and listening to her holistic and human approach to breeding and genuine care for her dogs, we were sold.

Enthusiastic and ready for Rosanns next liter, we sent in our deposit and contract, awaiting for the next liter. Luckily, soon after, we heard she had a liter on the way.

We drove hours to get there and spent time with her and her kennel. Meeting the parents of our puppy and seeing her Rottie farm, was priceless.

Our puppy is our new family member and we look forward to her next litter to get our second family member, from her quality dogs.
The tail is unique to us now and a good conversation for others that ask us.

We appreciate the education on nutrition, training and Rosann taking the time to always answer our questions.

Signed, one happy family from Indianapolis, Indiana

Loree, Ron and MaKoa G.

rottweiler male puppy

Testimonial 43

Date: Wed, 27 July 2016 00:10:50 -0800

Rosann at VDR Rottweiler Breeders is very knowledgeable of the breed and has a great passion for her dogs. Our Rottie is the best looking Rottie we have ever seen (our vet thinks so also!). We named hin Treble. His temperament is great! You can see her dogs get lots of love.
Roy O.
rottweiler male puppy

Testimonial 42

Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2016 15:20:07 +0000

Dear Rosann,

I have been meaning to email you about our girl. Madde is such a beautiful
Rottweiler puppy. Everyone who sees her comments on her. She is truly an outstanding puppy. My Mom had Rottweilers. Mom is gone now, but I only wish she could see our girl. Mom would be amazed! Thank you for such a quality dog. I definitely know where to go for my second Rottweiler.

Sheryl T.
rottweiler female puppy in nashville

Testimonial 41

Date: Tue, 26 Jan 2016 15:25:58 -0800

Before we purchased our puppy, we had the opportunity to visit Mrs. Bentley’s home and kennel on several occasions. We were able to meet all of the dogs on site and play with each one individually.  They were all beautiful, happy, strong, healthy, and clearly had been socialized to be friendly. Each of them played enthusiastically with toys and interacted with us affectionately and obediently.   We fell in love with all the dogs including: Deuel, Nicky, Busa, Baracuda and Baby Fury and would have taken any one of them home with us if we could have.  The kennels/outdoor runs were clean and extremely well maintained. Houses, cover, and even a swimming area for hot summer days are provided. 

The whelping house is climate controlled, with 2 separate areas for mother and pups as needed as well as an outdoor run area.  When we visited Mama Baracuda 1 week after birth, she was still sweet as could be and was overjoyed for company and eager to show off her pups and did not seem to mind Mrs. Bentley showing them to us. Baracuda eagerly accepted attention as well through the run fence. 

We had the opportunity to visit our puppy on several occasions from birth until her 8 week homecoming and received  picture/video updates along the way.  The puppies were given time to socialize indoors with her family.  Mrs. Bentley clearly cares for all of her dogs and has a wealth of knowledge. She is willing to share and assist with questions and details.

We are thrilled with our new puppy. At 15 weeks, she is confident, beautiful, healthy, smart, and full of affection and energy.  We highly recommend  you visit and consider von der Musikstadt Kennels in your search for a pet/show quality Rottweiler.

S & S Stokes
rottweiler female puppy

Testimonial 40

Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2016 00:55:58 -0800
I debated on exactly what kind of dog I wanted for months. Knowing that I had a wife and two young kids I wanted to ensure were safe when I wasn't home plus a lovable addition to my family brought me straight to the Rottweiler. And I can't imagine having any other dog breed.
Thanks Johnny F
rottweiler female nashville

Testimonial 39

Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2016 22:13:36 +0000

I would simply like to let everyone know how wonderful and treasured Rosann's dogs are and what they mean to me and my family. I have a three year old female Ellie that is my pal and travels with me always. My grandchildren play and sleep on her and love her. This is the third rott I have owned and although they are all special Ellie is the one the means the most to me. We got Ellie 3 years ago from Rosann. My daughter just said goodbye to Ellie's half brother who contracted cancer. It has been a terrible tragedy for all of us. We will be visiting Rosann when the pain subsides. I cannot say enough about Rosann's dogs, the great confirmation and adorable faces and the superior temperament and loyalty of these dogs is unbelievable. I don't know how to tell her what Ellie and Tebow have brought into our lives.

Thanks Rosann , Weldon Wells and family.
rottweiler female nashville

Update Testimonial for the Bessette family, Tebow was introduced into this family after the owners could not keep him. He moved into another home where he was so loved also. The family tried to save him and did all they could do. It broke my heart and theirs for the loss. I could not find your phone number to call and let you know. I hope the Bessette family reads this message.

Testimonial 38

Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2015 20:44:59 -0800

Me and my husband Jermaine recently purchased a the Baracuda litter a male Rottweiler from Rosann. We had been searching for a new puppy for our kids since we recently lost our family dog of over five years and picking the right dog was not easy. Rosann was a great help. She sent us pictures of the puppies so we could chose and even face timed with my husband so we could see the puppy "in person" and also see him running around playing, etc. We drove from NY to TN to pick up the puppy so our kids would have him before Christmas. When we arrived we were more than pleased. The puppy was clean and ready. Rosann was friendly and provided us with information on paperwork, feeding and the dogs bloodline.We are now home and happy with our newest member of the family, he is happy, loving and healthy. I would recommend buying a puppy from Rosann, the experience was five star for our family.

T. Turner
rottweiler female nashville

Testimonial 37

Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2015 17:13:42 -0000

Bruin is 7 months old and is the best natured dog we've ever had. With early socialization and training he has been the star of his class and greets everyone with a friendliness not always part of the Rottweiler "stigma". Because of his bloodlines he has inherited his grandsire's sense of smell and we intend to work with him to become a search and rescue dog. He has already completed first level Basic Obedience training and we have had so much fun with it. He loves to "work" and is very motivated to please us. When he joined our family, he was welcomed by a 3 year old male Boxer/Lab mix, and they have become best friends. In all my years of having dogs as pets, I have never felt so loved by any of them as I do Bruin. He was such an amazing addition to our family.

M. Anderson
rottweiler female nashville

Testimonial 36

Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2015 04:41:42 -0800

Dear Rosann

We recently adopted a baby girl Rottweiler from Rosann. We were so impressed by her expertise and her love for all her flock. One gets the feeling that a puppy coming from her kennel is not only of great pedigree but also of parents that have been treated with the utmost respect, attention to health details and loving passion for the breeding process. The dogs we met are not only stunningly beautiful, but have the loveliest disposition one could want. They are friendly and adorable, even the massive male! This is a class act!

D & R Blazer
rottweiler female nashville

Testimonial 35

Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2015 18:18:36 -0400

Dear Rosann

It has been a week since we picked up Brooklyn and drove home with her.  I wanted to thank you for your warm hospitality and most of all for this amazing puppy!
She learns so fast, approaches situations with confidence and curiosity. She has that perfect balanced Rottweiler temperament, that these days is so hard to find.  Her conformation is amazing and for such a young puppy she is so focused.  I am very impressed with the quality of this puppy, Rosann and am so happy I found you and so excited to have her !

The overall experience has been wonderful.  You have definitely gained a customer for life!

Much love,
Anna & Brooklyn
rottweiler female nashville

Testimonial 34

Date: Wed 15, Jul 2015 15:59:33 -0400

My husband and I recently acquired a beautiful male rottweiler puppy from Ms. Rosann Bentley. We have always had dogs as part of our family. After two years since our beloved rotties, Thor and Hara passed we were both fearful and excited when we found Leonitis, our new puppy from vdrottweilers. When we went to Ms. Bentleys kennels we were pleased to see the parents on site. They were very healthy, happy and very well cared for. When we took Leo to our vet we found she was very pleased at the choice in vaccines and vaccine schedule and deworm medicine used by Ms. Bentley. Our vet was also pleased with little Leo and his outstanding health. He is truly a blessing to our family as now we feel whole again. We look forward to purchasing a female from Ms. Bentley in about 4 more weeks. Little Leonidas will be happy to have a buddy as well!

Sincerely happy,
Laurel, KC, & Leonitis
rottweiler female nashville

Testimonial 33

Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2015 14:16:30 -0700

Hi Rosann,

Just wanted to write this short email thanking you for the Rottweiler puppy I bought from you. Initially I wanted a guard dog for my new home but ended up getting so much more.

She is a true sweetheart that's very intelligent but also a fearless companion when needed. I plan on being a Rottweiler owner for life!

rottweiler female nashville

Testimonial 32

Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 15:23:14 -0800

I wanted drop a note to let you know how pleased I am with my Rottweiler puppy. She has an excellent temperament and beautiful markings. Even for a puppy she is very intelligent. I wanted to thank you for a great dog.

Nashville Police Lieutenant
Scott B.
rottweiler female nashville

Testimonial 31

Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2015 22:28:03 -0500

Close to three years ago I contacted Rosie. I was in the market for a new dog, not a pet, but a dog that I can work, as well as have in the house with young children. If you are reading this you are more than likely in the same boat as I was. You are serious enough to research and has taken a critical step to educate yourself on not only the breed, but the breeder. As I said, I reached out to Rosie close to three years ago. For that time I had to deal with the disappointment of losing the litter I placed a deposit on. The cause was something that was completely out of every ones hands. A second litter didn’t come about, and that just happens, we are dealing with living animals, not robots. A lot of people may be asking why? Why deal with three years, and two lost litters? The answer is simple. Rosie, her husband, and her dogs are worth it. Throughout everything Rosie was ahead of my questions and knows the breed well. The temperament she provides is a high drive intelligent dog. I would recommend her to anyone that asks.

-- Regards, K.R. Gonsalves
rottweiler male nashville tennessee

Testimonial 30

Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2015 10:29:56 -0800

I am a dog person all around and I have been dying to have a good trusting healthy Rottweiler for so long. Then I heard about this group and how they are with the care and compassion not only for dogs in general but also for the great Rottweiler breed. I was recommended to see about their dogs and I am so glad I did. I gave a 13 week old female of theirs a good home. She seemed happy and healthy from the start. I can totally see that they raise their dogs with the upmost and best care imagineable. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good pure German Rottweiler. They are great people.

Megan S.
rottweiler dog female in tennessee

Testimonial 29
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 20:04:44 -0800

Dear Rosann,

Thank you for all you have done for our family. I have many warm memories of the phone, text and facebook communication we had over the past few months while we were waiting for Iggy to be born, and after he was placed with us. It was so fun the night the litter was whelped and you texted me each time a new pup was born and told me what the sex of the newborn pup was. I loved the pictures of the little fuzzy butterballs when they were so tiny and cute! My entire family enjoyed visiting with you and meeting your dogs. I have the cutest picture of our 2-year old kissing Iggy's dam, Tammy. The kids were well entertained by your daughter, Bella. And....MY daughter Bella was well entertained with Deuel! Now that Iggy is home with us, it is so nice that we can still communicate and receive support whenever we have a puppy question. Our trainer has remarked several times how smart Iggy is and how quickly he learns things compared to other dogs his age. He has wonderful focus! When he first got him at 8 weeks old, he learned to sit and look into my eyes for a treat in less than 5 minutes and now, 2 months later, can do so much more and learns just as quickly! We cannot thank you enough for him. Sometimes I just sit and stare and marvel at how perfectly beautiful he is. He is so sweet and loving. Of course, as a Rottweiler, he immediately sits on my lap if I get on the floor with him. Just this week, he also started to kind of hug me, leaning his head and body against my chest and sort of like trying to melt into me. Just the sweetest baby in the world! Good luck with your future breedings. I will be checking the website off and on to peek at any new pics you might have up. I will continue to keep in touch and let you know how Iggy is doing.

All good wishes
K. Castro
North Carolina
rottweiler dog male in tennessee

Testimonial 28
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2014 21:04:57 -0000

I was looking for a Rotti for about 6 month searching the web. I found Rosann so I called her and we talked for awhile. She was very helpful with information and has called me to check on how how my little crush was doing. If I need any help at all she has always called me back. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks for the special pup from Tammy and Uzzi, I love her very much.

K. Thomas
rottweiler dog

Testimonial 27
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 04:20:49 -0200

We recently bought a male puppy from Rosann. We took him to the vet and they said he was perfect. She truly loves her dogs. We have spoken with several breeders and she was simply the best. She loves her animals and it truly shows. I would like to say thank you.. A+++++++++

M. West
rottweiler dog

Testimonial 26
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 08:39:44 -0800

While researching Rottweiler breeders in the Nashville area we came across Von Der Musikstadt Kennels.  When we called Rosann she was very excited and invited us to come to look at her kennels and meet her dogs.  When we arrived we were delighted to see just how friendly her dogs were as well as great with children.  After speaking with Rosann we knew that this was a reputable breeder that we could trust.   She was very honest with us and even recommended some other breeders that could help us if we felt she wasn't a good match. We decided to place a down payment on a puppy and I’m so glad that we did.  I will admit that it was a tough choice, because ALL of the puppies were exceptional!!  We were so pleased with the service and level of expertise of Von Der Musikstadt Kennels that we have become repeat customers.  We are in the process of purchasing another puppy. I just wanted to say a big thank you for all that you do to help this breed’s reputation and for your professional breeding standards in making quality Rotties.

Two State Troopers
rottweiler tennessee testimonial

Testimonial 25
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2014 13:01:48 -0400

I recently decided to get a new family pet. I have always loved Rottweilers and want to get one. But my wife has reservations about the breed. She has never been around a Rottweiler, but has only heard they are mean.  So when I do get a new dog (any breed) I wanted to research the breeder and see the dogs where my puppy will be coming from.  I recently visited Von Der Musikstadt kennels. Roseann was eager to show me any or all of her dogs, 5 in all. I was impressed with the size and appearance of all of her dogs. All of them had great temperaments. All were eager to play and be loved on. The Kennels were large and clean.  I was able to meet "Tammy" a pregnant Rott, who would be having a litter around Aug. 25th. Great looking dog! I can't wait to get one of her pups.
rottweiler male puppy

Testimonial 24
Date: Sun, 9 May 2014 16:54:15 -0000

Rosann, I wanted to let know anyone who is looking to purchase a Rottweiller that there is no need to look any further than VDRROTTWEILERREEDERS.COM... Her Rotti's produce the most beautiful, large heads, smart, sound temperaments puppies, and so on... Kennels are outstanding! They are impeccably clean and top of the line! I drove to Nashville to pick up my puppy and was very pleased to see for myself! When people meet my Rotti they always ask "where did you get her? She is Beautiful!". Rosanne is a wonderful person who will be there for you for years...She's the best there is when it comes to raising and breeding Rottweiler's.
Thank You Rosie!

Testimonial 23
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 17:49:12 -0400

I purchased my male Rottweiler from Rosanne Lavallee 5 and a half years ago. I cannot compliment her enough on the wonderful job she did breeding him. His temperament is outstanding, he's great with children as well as other animals. He has a high drive and is full of energy, constantly alert to his surroundings. Hunter tends to be a very happy, good natured companion and is an excellent example of what the breed standard should be. I would not hesitate in considering Rosann for another Rottweiler when I am ready.
Thank you
G.P. Parcels

Testimonial 22
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 19:54:47 -0700

Hey Rosann
Just wanted to write and thank you for a great time at your kennel sunday afternoon. As I'd let to tell about our experience at Von Der Musikstadt kennel. After all the long emails and text messages Kelley and I finally had to come and check out the kennel ourselves. After pulling up to the site we were met by the mighty guard chihuahua who believed he was bigger than any rottweiler on the property lol. We then were led around the grounds and shown all the dogs beginning with my favorite Deuel. He's a 10 month old male who you can do anything to we played with him for quite a while fetching toys etc.. he has quite a personality .. then we were led to the rest of the kennels and then next was Busa.. Shes a very loveable female who loves to give hugs..This was one of Kelleys favorites due to she was the perfect size so she says... Next up if you have in mind the perfect child who doesnt run around screaming and has perfect manners then she would been the one for you.. I forget her name but she ran as fast as she could to us and when she got to us she sat and didnt make a move never seen a dog so perfect minded..I was like time for some action next .. so next comes Ray Ray.. this is the old Veteran.. hes a 9 yr old pet only.. you can tell back in his prime he was a beast and he still a heck of a dog now .. he was my second favorite .. In conclusion to all this all these dogs and the breed in general are great animals and roseann has done a great job with them. the kennels are in great shape and she cares about them a lot and it shows.. she has helped me find my boy Popeye in Nc who Ill be picking up this coming Saturday.. she has done a great job answered questions with whatever i've needed.. so ill reply more after this weekend to say how my trip went and how Popeye came home... Thanks Rosann and Von der Musikstadt for all you do .. TBC....With PICS
Chad H
Mt Juliet Tn
rottweiler dog head

Testimonial 21
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2014 12:06:01 -0800

I purchase 3 amazing Rottweiler from Rosann Bentley and I must say she is the best Breeder in the world!! I feel like she's very truthful about the breed and willing to answer any question u might have about the Rottweiler Breed!! My latest puppy came off Akura Von Den Grundwisen and Hannibal vom Dunvanhof!! Amazing bone structure, big block head and amazing temperament!! Rosann is an incredible breeder that produces amazing puppies!! Thank you Rosann for providing me and my family with 3 amazing Rottweilers!!
T. Young

Testimonial 20
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 22:05:46 -0000

My family purchased a female Rottweiler from the Von Der Musikstadt kennel three years ago. I was so pleased with the temperament our puppy possessed! She is such a calm, loyal, protective, and nurturing pet. When we walk our Rottweiler or take her to dog parks we are commended on her temperament and even encouraged to breed her. We were so lucky to have come across the Von Der Musikstadt kennel, because all of Rosie's dogs have wonderful temperaments! I often times go visit her dogs because they are that enjoyable to be around. I could not help but fall in love with her two studs Able and Balou; although, all of her dogs are pretty amazing. Her kennels are always so clean and organized; each dog has their own
kennel space and individual dog house. My family and I have always said that if we get another puppy we will definitely do so through the Von Der Musikstadt kennel.

B Garrett
Nashville, TN

Testimonial 19
I have not purchased a Rottweiler from Rosanne because there was no puppies available at the time. Rosanne was very polite and answered all my questions even though I was not getting a puppy from her. I searched and spoke to several other breeders for a short time because they just wanted to sell me a puppy and did not want to answer any of my long questions. I saw all the puppies were selling for 2000 to 3000 a puppy, and for that price they should answer any question I had since this was a life long family member for me and my children and not to mention a costly puppy. I was sad I did not find a puppy but was willing to wait since I had already waited 6 months in searching. Rosann called me 2 weeks later and said she found me a beautiful puppy. She sent me all the pictures and gave me the number to the people selling the puppy. It was no one I had spoken to in the last 6 months. She was polite and a happy person. I was so happy with her I purchased 2 males at 1500 each. The puppies are now older and have no aggression with each other or people. Rosanne told me I had to make sure to socialize them properly. Every where we go they are complementing me for having such beautiful dogs. I still call Rosanne for information and she still answers every question I have to ask!!!!!
J. Robertson

Testimonial 18

Rosann’s depth, knowledge, and passion of Rottweiler is very apparent. Rosann and I discussed and met with her dogs for 3 hours. Her 19 years of Rottweiler breeding experience shined through. I’m a firm believer in the raw diet and German bloodline after seeing Rosann’s Rotties. They are the healthiest, most muscular, even-tempered Rottweilers I’ve ever seen. Not to mention lovable! Also, her Rottweilers live for an average of 12 years, which is at the high end to longer lifespan for the breed. I’m looking forward to getting a Rottweiler puppy from Rosann in the future.

December, 2013

Testimonial 17
Date: Tue, 24 Sept. 2013 13:57:41 -0700
I have wanted a Rottweiler for a long time. After purchasing my home and having the space too finally own one I started looking for breeder's. After talking to 4 different ones I was not having the luck I had hoped for. I was searching one day and came across Roseanne site and was very excited. I called her the very next day and knew 3 seconds into the conversation that I found what I was looking for. Roseanne was extremely friendly easy to talk to and is extremely educated about this breed. I had a lot of questions and she answered everyone of them for me.I was also nervous about buying a puppy and having him shipped to me but like with everything else Roseanne made that process very easy. Roseanne made herself available to explain everything to me or answer any questions I had whenever I had them, answering every e-mail and returning every call I ever made. My puppy is now four months old and is absolutely gorgeous everyone stops to see him and tell me how beautiful he is. He is everything I wanted him to be very large, huge head and most importantly extremely well tempered with everyone he meets and especially gentle with my children. I can not say enough great things about my whole experience with Roseanne and I could not have asked for or gotten a nicer puppy he really is amazing. I would not get another puppy from anyone else. 100% happy. Thank you so much.
D. Richardson
Rhode Island

Testimonial 16
Date: Tue, 24 Sept. 2013 13:57:41 -0700
I have wanted a Rottweiler for a long time.After purchasing my home and having the space too finally own one I started looking for breeder's. After talking to 4 different ones I was not having the luck I had hoped for. I was searching one day and came across Roseanne site and was very excited. I called her the very next day and knew 3 seconds into the conversation that I found what I was looking for. Roseanne was extremely friendly easy to talk to and is extremely educated about this breed. I had a lot of questions and she answered everyone of them for me.I was also nervous about buying a puppy and having him shipped to me but like with everything else Roseanne made that process very easy. Roseann made herself available to explain everything to me or answer any questions I had whenever I had them, answering every e-mail and returning every call I ever made. My puppy is now four months old and is absolutely gorgeous everyone stops to see him and tell me how beautiful he is. He is everything I wanted him to be very large, huge head and most importantly extremely well tempered with everyone he meets and especially gentle with my children. I can not say enough great things about my whole experience with Roseanne and I could not have asked for or gotten a nicer puppy he really is amazing. I would not get another puppy from anyone else. 100% happy. Thank you so much.
D. Richardson
Rhode Island
akura rottweiler puppy progeny

Testimonial 15
Date: Wed, 4 Sept. 2013 12:43:59 -0700
Von Der Musikstadt :
The Kennels are very nice, and clean. They are well kept. Puppy play area is awesome. They have plenty of shade around her kennels. Rosanna is a very nice and caring breeder. Her dogs are very well kept and maintained and she cares for her dogs. She took the time to answer any and all questions that my husband and I had. This is our first Rottweiler and we wanted to get the best possible choice for our family. We spent a couple of hours with her and our puppy at her house with her and her family. She told us right off the bat that we were more than welcome to come see all of her dogs and kennels at any time. That we could spend time with her dogs and see their temperament. They all had great personalities. She brought our puppy’s daddy out for us to see him. He was huge with a big head. He had such a great temperament and was a complete lover boy. He rolled on me and gave me so many kisses. The Mom was just as beautiful. She was very smart, and very well taken care of as all the dogs that we saw there. It is so nice to see a small breeder. Our puppy is wonderful. He has adapted into our family. Our other dogs love him. He is great with my 3 year old and my 11 year old adore him. He is going to be one big beautiful dog when he gets full grown. I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasurable experience in getting a dog. And Rosann is there for any questions that I have had for her. We couldn’t have asked for more.
S. Tays

Testimonial 14
Date: Tue, July 2, 2013 07:12:04-0800
I thought she had a very nice kennel. I could tell by the area she had set up for the birthing and whelping area she really does think about the safety of her Rottweilers. My puppy gets along with my other dogs as well as any puppy will so, the temperament is great!
Aaron G.

Testimonial 13
Date: Mon, July 2, 2013 02:50:04-0300
von der Musikstadt kennel is beautiful. The Rottweilers are stunning.Gorgeous! The kennels are pristine clean and the Rottweilers are too. I bought a puppy from these bloodlines and boy what a beautiful pup! Great temperament. Living with 3 Pugs and getting along famously. I highly recommend this kennel.
Cornelia R.

Testimonial 12
Date: Mon, July 1, 2013 06:02:04-0500
Von der Musikstadt kennel is just plain beautiful. I have been out there several times now and it is always immaculate; so are the Rottweilers. They are beautiful, beautiful well cared for dogs with sound . I highly recommend this kennel to any serious lover of Rottweilers.

Testimonial 11

Date: Fri, Feb 24, 2012 08:51:04-0800

There are those who breed puppies and then there are a few who are true breeders. Breeding is an institution that is not a pastime but an art and lifestyle. Rosanne has realized their vision in returning and preserving the Rottweiler back to its purest form. Her professionalism combined with her dedication in bringing family and properly bred Rottweilers together, is nothing short of pure excellence. Although I was not able to get one from her she did do her best to introduce me to another fine breeder that could. I can’t thank her enough for helping me with everything. Her understanding and patience has been excellent. Her extensive knowledge helped me find the perfect puppies.

Mike Tennessee

Testimonial 10
Date: Tue, Feb 21, 2012 15:05:54-0800
Thank you so much for allowing my husband and I to become proud new parents! She has already stolen our hearts and we have only had her a few days. Actually, it happened the first moments we spent with her. We were thrilled that you felt we were acceptable for her to love...and LOVING she is! She is so smart that we find ourselves standing with ours mouths hanging open! She is truly a special little (big) girl and we have you to thank for that. There is no question in our minds that she is going to grow into a wonderful dog and loyal companion. You have a way with dogs that is unlike anything I have ever seen before. And from what I saw during our time with you, a wonderful way with children. You have a special gift that only comes from love and patience. Having visited several breeders homes and kennels in the past, I can honestly say that I have never been to one that was as well kept as yours. I could immediately tell that you take pride in what you do and treat your dogs like family. I would recommend you to anyone wishes to purchase a the point of waiting for one of your puppies if they can.
Best always to you and your entire "family",
Kim W.

Testimonial 9

Date: Wed, Feb 8, 2012 14:17:39-0800

After having visited several breeders, I must say, none compared to Rosann. It was immediately evident that she raises from a solid bloodline and the temperament of her dogs was very different from others we had seen. We visited with several of her dogs ranging from six weeks old and up and were very impressed with all. We had mainly come to see Arista, a beautiful twelve week old, female, and we knew within seconds that she was the perfect choice for us. The rest of our time was spent discussing the proper diet and training methods with Rosann since it was very evident that she is an expert with all things Rottweiler. After having had working dogs for about 20 years myself, I realized that I knew far less than I thought. I would recommend Rosann without hesitation to anyone looking for a quality Rottweiler and some wonderful guidance in making the right choices.

Mark B.

Wartrace, TN.

Testimonial 8
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 16:24:40 -0800

I have just purchased a Rottweiler puppy from Rosann Bentley and it was an absolute positive experience. I was very comfortable with the support I received from Rosann and the attention she gave me with all my questions. She is a very educated and committed Rottweiler enthusiast and I would recommend her to anyone that wants a quality Rottweiler. Thank you Rosann for helping make my families Christmas a memorable one.
Syracuse, New York

Testimonial 7
Date: Sun, 25 June 2011 17:53:43 -0000

I have purchased a female rottweiler puppy from Rosann. Rosann is a great breeder and has vast knowledge of the rottweiler breed. When I picked up my little ball of fur. Rosann let me view her kennels that are in great condition you can tell she has some pampered pooches. I also got to meet Able, he has great temperament and is beautiful rottweiler. My puppy is a great addition to my family. She is eager to please me and shows that she wants to learn. I would recommend anyone that i know is looking for a puppy, to get one from Rosann.

Testimonial 6
Date: Wed, 1 June 2011 18:27:22 -0700
Rosann Bentley is an Excellent Rottweiler breeder. Her dogs are very intelligent, well behaved, very nicely built, and all of her dogs have very nice temperaments. From the moment I contacted Rosann about purchasing one of her puppies she was very polite, she explained in detail about their pedigree, and she even gave me great advice about my other Rottweiler. She kept in touch with me for many months before the dogs we picked were bred. She notified me as soon as she knew the female Rayka took. Rosann also contacted me immediately after they were born. I have to say they were some of the biggest and best quality rottweilers I have ever seen. She sent me great quality pictures of our puppy every week so we could mark his progress. And she even delivered him to my house. She is the best Rottweiler breeder you will ever find. It's not about the price with her. Its more about the puppies well being and finding them great families to be with. Thanks so much Rosann. You are truly a great person. Big Thanks from the Gordons!

Chasity Gordon
Memphis, TN

Testimonial 5
Date: Wed, 1 June 2011 18:50:04 -0700
Rosann Bentley is the best choice if you want a Rottweiler breeder that is knowledgeable about her dogs pedigree, and an excellent person that cares about her dogs. If you're looking for an Excellent quality rottweiler, with a great temperament. I have had my puppy diezel for about 3 months now, and he is so, intelligent, and just gorgeous. He was potty trained completely at 12 weeks, and he knew his basic commands like Sit, Lay down, and stay. He trains so easy a beginner could do it. I was so impressed with Rosanns facilities, her dogs. Just everything about her service! Everything was great! She keeps you informed from the initial breeding to when the puppies are born. She starts sending pictures after they are about 10 days old. And then after that you get weekly pictures and updates. Rosann is a great person and I will never go anywhere else to buy a puppy. You will get the best quality without the big price. She wants to make sure her dogs go to good homes. She really took the time to talk with me about all of my questions and concerns and we will definitely be referring Rosanna too many of our Rotti loving friends! Thanks so much Rosy!
Nick Fortune

Testimonial 4
Date: Sat, 9 April 2011 21:09:19 -0700
I am a return customer. Both of my dogs purchased from Rosann are exceptional dogs in every way. She truly loves the Rottweiler breed. Its so rare to find someone with the love and passion she has for the breed in this day and age when you here about so many puppy mills. I have been to Rosanns' kennel several times, since we have become friends after my first purchase. Her rott's have top notch, clean kennels. I have never seen them dirty. The dogs always look show ready. One visit and its easy to see her passion for them. Could not be happier with the dogs I purchased from her. Achilles, my 3 year old male, is a physical specimen. 105-110 pounds, perfectly proportioned, extremely muscular and athletic. Massive, head, and is the epitome of a true Rottweiler. Perfect temperament. Loves all dogs, people, and kids he meets.  ball and play drive will amaze you! My 2yr old female Isis is a beautiful 90 pounds rottie. She is all love and play. I really could not be happier with either of my dogs. If you want to buy a Rottweiler. You need to visit Von Der Musikstadt. Her passion and knowledge for the breed alone will convince you before you even see the dogs or kennels. Thanks Rosann, for two amazing dogs, for your love of rottweilers, and for becoming a good friend.
Springfield, TN

Testimonial 3
Date: Sat, 1 January 2011 11:05:12 -0200
I had gotten a 2 year old Rottweiler from Rosann in August 2010, and she has been the greatest addition to my family. I am the mother of three young children and "Jade" has been awesome with them. I was so pleased with the quality of our dogs temperament, & structure. The support I received from Rosann was great. We are getting another dog (puppy) from her next breeding. I am certain that our next puppy will be of the highest quality. I am continuously speaking about my dog and how great she is. I would recommend a VDM Rottweiler to anyone. Thank you, Rosann for giving me the opportunity to own such a magnificent animal.
Crystal & Jade
Garrett, IN

Testimonial 2
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2011 08:10:21 -0900

About 2 ½ years ago I lost my heart and soul (my female Rottweiler) to bone cancer. I swore I wasn’t going through it again, but my husband convinced me to get another Rottweiler. He did extensive research on breeders to purchase the best blood line we could find with no history of cancer. That is when he found Rosann Lavallee. We had many conversations with her prior to purchasing our pup. She was exceptionally knowledgeable of the breed as well as a responsible breeder; breeding for the quality of the dog not the quantity as so many other breeders do.

She wasn’t interested in the financial gain; she was interested in placing her Rottweiler pups in the right home and interviewed us as extensively as we interview her. Rosann gave me multiple references to contact and all sang her praises.

When the day finally came to meet our new little one, I was immediately in love with him. He is a true testimony to Rosann’s breeding capabilities as well as her line of dogs. Our Hunter is now 2 ½ years old.

Every time I am out with him, there is not one person who does not comment on how beautiful he is or what a great dog he is and asks where I got him. His temperament is kind, gentle, and loving. He accepts all people, other animals and especially children. However, it is also apparent that he is a Rottweiler, as he is aware of when the circumstances call for his protective instinct. On a couple of occasions while out running with him, he has made it clear that he would protect his “mommy” when he sensed that person wasn’t quite right!

I truly couldn’t be happier with him. Rosann knows what she is doing and is an asset to the Rottweiler breeders. She produces quality dogs that are beautiful and sweet, yet protective. I would and have recommended her too many people. 

Yvonne P.

Laurel Springs, NJ

Testimonial 1
Wesley R.
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 19:43:45 -0600
If you are looking for a rottweiler breeder who is well-educated and informative about the breed, takes the time to answer all of your questions (no matter how many), and, most importantly, has outstanding healthy, , and obedient Rottweilers with excellent temperaments, then you must purchase your rottweiler through Rosann Lavallee. My wife and I recently reserved a Rottweiler puppy from Rayka Von Der Steinbrucke's upcoming litter. Rosann introduced us to Rayka and sire Able Von Der Siebach. Both dogs were beautiful, with extremely large heads and amazing calmness and temperament. After meeting the parents, Rosann showed us a multitude of well-organized registration papers that she had on hand for both parents and carefully explained what they all meant. The papers ranged from pedigrees to dna, hip examinations, and various other documents relative to the health and wellness of the parents of our future puppy. We felt a sense of ease after Rosann went over all of the paperwork and are confident we will receive a puppy that is in outstanding health and comes from the finest background. We can't wait for our new addition! Thank you Rosanna, for being an informative, responsible breeder with exceptional rottweilers!